2000 Silverado starter stays engaged

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by estimating123@yahoo.com, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. 2000 v6,4.3l. replaced the starter does, the same thing as the old starter, stays engaged when in park, when you put it in reverse or any other gear it disengages. If you try to put it back in park it engages again.
    the grinding like you try to start it when its already started, any other gear is ok. Have to turn it off in neutral. Put it back in park, turn the key and wants to start. Turn it off and redo.it'll start but can hear it is engaged until you put it in gear.?????? Help please,
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    Welcome to GMTC. I have moved this thread to GM electrical tech to get more results. maybe the relay is stuck closed, causing power to go to the starter at all times. There are safety switches that stop it from engaging in gear, so that could explain why yours is doing that .
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    Just want to make sure I understand.......... engine running, move gear selector to PARK, the starter engages and tries to start an all ready running engine? Is this correct?

    Ok, if the above is correct, I suspect you have a problem with one of two things.

    You have either a bad ignition switch, or a bad starter relay.

    Normally, when you turn the ignition key to start, that position on the ignition switch operates the starter relay, the starter relay engages the bendix which completes the circuit to the starter motor.

    This will not work if the transmission is shifted into one of the forward, or reverse, gears. The ignition switch start power is removed by the PARK/NEUTRAL safety switch.

    However, (always one thing that screws up a good theory), you can shift into NEUTRAL and the power is still removed from the starter...............this sounds strange, perhaps the P?N safety switch has a NEUTRAL problem.

    Check the relay first, if the relay is operated, and releases when pulled from the fuse box (you will feel a click as it is removed), the problem is upstream, probably at the ignition switch.
    If the relay does not click when removed, the contacts may be fused together. Switch it with a relay of the same type in the fuse box to test.

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