2000 Siverado 4.3 No Heat

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    Flushing the cooling system and it was full of crude dirt looking junk, The engine temp comes to temp 209# Top heater hose gets hot and lower stays cold, Just bought the truck, did not try the heater before begining flush. What would cause the hot water from going to the heater, Fan works and so does the A/C, new cabin air filter. Does the coolant to the heater core have a soleinode on it that would block the coolant to the heater core, or is my heater core pluged up ? If so what is a back flush and how do I do it.. Thanks Again Doc

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    I found the back flush on youtube, will give it a try . Thanks Doc
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    Ok, no solenoid, the HVAC unit uses a temp door to direct air through the heater core, or the ac evaporator core.

    You could have sufficient dirt in the line to plug it, but I suspect it is just air. Try removing the lower hose and letting the coolant flow through the core.

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