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  1. skongolf

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    I have a 2000 suburban with heated leather bucket seats which are getting pretty torn up. I am thinking about redoing them and I am wondering what the best option may be. I can buy seat covers but the foam on the drivers side needs some work. Just curious what some of you may have done and how much it cost. I have seen some seats out of wrecks for about $600-$800 and covers for around $300-$500 for just the bottoms. Oh also I am not sure what my official color is. It is the light tan color but I am not sure what the actual name is. Any help is appreciated.
  2. zigger215

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    Look up katskin leather seat covers. They are full replacement high quality seat covers. You remove your old leather and wrap the seats with the new leather
  3. skongolf

    skongolf New Member

    I did check there, but want to stay stock. I am also trying to find out the interior leather code from my listed RPO codes in the glove box and they are a pain to figure out. A guy did a vin build sheet and said it was shale, but other websites call shale a grey and I know its not gray. Any ideas or can someone tell me what code on that glovebox sticker to look at.

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    Near and/or at the Bottom of the Service Parts I.D. Tag, in your Glove Box the(White Sticker)are the Paint and Interior RPO Codes, the Code your going to be looking for your Interior, will most likely be one of the Following,


  5. skongolf

    skongolf New Member

    I have the 91i code but the leather just does not look pewter to me. The carpet and interior paint is deffinately pewter though.
  6. Red Z71 Max

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