2000 Suburban Water Pump

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    Hi all...new here and figured I'd see if you can help. I have a 2000 Suburban with 316,000 miles on her as of this week. I have has this odd rumble while driving for about 4 months now and it has kind of stayed the same so I ignored it. I have noticed a coolant smell a few times around the old beast but levels were fine and with the winter and plowing I have had no time to look at it. On a whim I mentioned the rumble to a friend of mine at the parts store while picking up stuff for an oil change. Brad says hey pull the belt start her up and see...sure enough sound is gone! So...I start spinning axccessories and all seemed fine...then the fan. Holy crap pretty sure it should not wobble like that. I got the fan off with the huge wrench like you should do no problem. Then came the stumper...I noticed the water pump which is original to the truck is wet near the weap hole...okay so lets replace it.

    Guys...there is a pully on the pump and I am told (over the phone) the new pump does not have a pully on it. Am I mental? The pully does not pull off and there are no bolts like on the 5.7L Is that pully pressed on? How do I get the pully off the pump on my truck if there are no bolts on the front and I yanked on it and it did not come off as I assumed it may be a keyed shaft or something.

    I am more than capable of doing the water pump but the pully needs to come off I assume.

    Any help would be appreciated.:neutral:
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    I looked the part up online you can get it either way with or without the guy on the phone was probably just quoting off the top of his head since most do come without a pulley.
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    I've got an '02 Suburban with the 5.3L that I just changed the water pump on back in August. If I recall correctly, I reused the pulley from the original pump. The pulley on my truck is connected to the radiator fan blade. If you pull the fan off, the pulley will come off as well.

    Hope that helps.

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