2000 Z71 Tahoe - Radiator Leak

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  1. Wardi

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    Anybody need to replace one of these at about 100,000 miles? Starts to leak about a half cup every time I shut if off. Looks like a half day job for first timer. Dealer part is about $800. Anybody try one of those "Radiator Classic" jobs on e-bay for under $200? How bad can it be? They have a return policy. If it looks like crap I'll send it back? It doesn't seem that people fix these things like in the old days. Hard to believe the tanks on the side are plastic.
  2. truheel1

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    salvage yard

    Go to www.car-part.com that may help. I found radiator for my S10 w less than 40K on the unit. It works great and paid on $45.00 for radiator...... Should be able to find something for 100.00 -125.00 in California....
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  3. Dr_Zero

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    I got a radiator from Radiator Classic you can read all about it here


    Suggestion though when you are looking cross reference what other years and models use the same radiator when I went to order it was cheaper to buy the Ebay listing for the Suburban vs the Yukon for the same radiator LOL

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