2001 4.3 no start

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    2 weeks ago i did a tuneup on my 01 silverado.....plugs, wires, cap& rotor and coil. last week i had the spider injector assembly replaced in it, the day i got it out of the shop i drove it for a total of about 4 hours then it quit on me, after checking a few things it turned out to be the ignition control module and replaced it and got it running again, it ran for 2 day2 and quit firing again exchanged the module thinking i got a bad one put it in the truck fired a few times and quit again got it home and i let it set for a few days, yesterday i pulled the distributor and replaced the ignition pick up in it and after i put it back together i fired it up and it ran rough for about 30-45 seconds and quit then i remembered i didnt have the pickup plugged in solved that and now still no start.....any help would be greatly appreciated
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    the ICM gets damaged from arcing. since the cap/rotor has been replaced what about the coil connections wiring ?

    did you use OEM wires ? I would check the resistance of the OEM plug wires and see if the new wires are of about the same ohms.. if the resistance is much higher this can cause problems. Also make sure you run the wires as built these are picky about this ....

    The ICM requires a coating of heat sink compound and mounted on the cleaned surface ..If this is not done the ICM will quickly over heat.

    so what was the problem before you did all this parts replacing ? any codes ?

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