2001 GMC Yukon XL - Brake Issues and Idle problem when wet

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    This truck has been great so far 120,000 miles - other than excessive rust underneath. I had my Brake / ABS lights on and saw a recall for cleaning the ABS wheel sensors so I brought it to a local dealer. They said the problem was not with the sensors but instead the control unit - the $800 - $1000 control unit. While checking that they looked at another problem I had with the car idling rough for 5 minutes or so in the morning after sitting or rain. They could not find anything - recently tuned up. And finally, they test drove the truck yesterday and told me the brake line broke so that needs to be addressed fopr $1600.

    I am getting the truck towed out of there so I can address the brake lines - question I have is whether playing around with the brake control module could affect the brake lines? Do the lines go around 120,000 miles?

    Any ideas on what else could be causing the Brake / ABS lights and stutter when braking at low speeds?

    And finally the rough idle when humid / wet until the engine burns off the moisture? plugs on the PCM? ground wires on the plugs? MAF? sensors?

    Thank you

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