2001 Silverado Fuel Pump access panel cut-out location in truck bed

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by mainiac1, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. mainiac1

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    Hey Guys, had to change the fuel pump on my 01 Silverado ext cab wed., 1st time my truck stranded me on the highway. 138,000 miles...it was due, but 16 gallons of fuel in the tank, no floor jack and being 125 miles from the house made it a PITA! I'm gonna cut an access panel in the bed directly over the pump to ensure the next time it goes out it will be a 1 hour hour job or less, not 5.5! Anyone done this and have measurements of the panel cut-out size and location in the bed? I can/will wing it and get close, but if someone out there has the exact location and size, it'll be a much neater job.
    Thanks, Jamie
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  2. nikkeshelton

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    Good idea! Way back when they used to have a door in the bed for access to the tank sender. At the cost of fuel pump replacement you would think they would have kept putting one in!
  3. mainiac1

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    Yeah, you'd think Chevrolet would be smart enough to use large enough gage wire and connectors so you wouldn't have to splice in a new connector pig-tail when you change your fuel pump the first time! I read something about the AC harness has the same issues only worse! Trying to save a dime at the owner's expense down the road! I figured out wher to cut the hole. Will post pics and dimensions when I cut out the panel.
  4. vncj96

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    check for them on youtube, there are videos and the guys speak of the right places to cut

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