2001 Suburban A/C issues

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by 99monguse, Jul 20, 2011.

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    Here's the scenario...I come out of work on my lunch hour and start the truck to eat lunch with the A/C on, since it's like 95' outside. I start the truck, turn on A/C and sit and sit and sit with actually hot air coming from ALL vents. I can sit there for my entire lunch hour with no cold A/C but if I drive down the road for about 5 minutes at moving speed of 15+mph, the A/C gets cold FAST and is really cold(I had the system charged, the rear evaporator has a small leak but it holds pressure, it took almost two years to get to a point where the a/c wouldn't blow cold anymore). When I feel it get cold I turn around and go park back at work, letting the truck idle while I eat..it's plenty cold. Once it gets cold it seems to stay cold , even if I'm sitting there for 45 minutes. Although today is so hot, the truck's a/c got good and cold as i drove down the road but when I came back to the parking lot and was at idle, the A/C temp got warmer. I got out and opened the hood to see if the truck has electric fans, to see if they were working but my trucks 5.3 V8 has a clutch style fan and it was running as it always should. With the hood opened the A/C seemed to cool back down after a few minutes and then stayed cold until I had to shut off the truck and go go back to work.
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    I found some guys were actually swapping the clutch fan for a Flexalite dual electric fan...something about the clutch fan won't pull enough air through the condenser, but my truck was fine the first summer I had it, back in 2008.
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    It sounds like you fan clutch may need replacing. Best to put the gagues on and see whats happening in the A/C system.
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    I know this is an old post but I had the same issue today. I hooked up the gauges and the high side pressure goes up to 300 psi. The condenser is not getting any air flow while idling. My fan clutch was not engaging. So I bought a replacement fan clutch and decided to tackle the replacement.

    I cannot seem to loosen the fan clutch off the water pump pulley. I need to find a way to hold the WP pulley so i can break loose the fan clutch.
    Any tips?
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    Got the fan clutch replaced. My a/c high side pressure dropped from 300 psi to 200 psi. The original fan clutch was worn.

    I used a home made tool and a 1-7/16 open wrench.
    Tool 2.jpg

    Home made tool and the wrench
    Removing fan clutch.jpg

    Removing fan blade from clutch. I used a 14mm socket.
    Fan blade 2.jpg
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    Homemade tool was the original belt huh? Everytime I do this I seem to wind up putting the belt BACK on to hold the pulley in place. I think I need to do this soon as I can start to hear a whine coming from the fan (soon as in when I have time in the Navy to do it)
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    No, my home made tool is a 1.5 inch flat bar with a 6 mm hex bolt. The 6mm hex bolt goes into one of the 4 holes in the water pump pulley. It is used to hold the water pump pulley still while breaking loose the fan clutch hex end.

    I replaced the fan clutch because the engine was so quiet. I used to hear the fan blowng really loud when idling and accelerating. I suspected it being bad becasue my a/c high pressure side was too high in the 300 psi range.

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