2001 Suburban Died, Won't Start

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by sgt_in_usaf, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. sgt_in_usaf

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    I have a 01 Suburban 1500 with a serious problem. About a week and a half ago it died while idling in park. Took a few seconds but it did start again and drove with no problems. Then a few days ago it died just as I was pulling into my driveway and wouldn't start at all. I hooked up my scan tool and it showed P0706 (Transmission Range Sensor Circuit Range/Performance). I tried clearing to see if maybe it was just a bad sensor or something and it fired right up. It ran normally until yesterday when it died idling again and wouldn't start. Hooked up the tool and this time it showed U1041 (Loss of EBCM Communication) and P0335 (Magnetic Crankshaft Position Sensor Electrical Error). Tried clearning it again but it still won't start and it won't show any DTCs now. The engine will turn over when starting, but just won't actually start. With it being the same problem but different codes, I'm thinking this could the be the ECU. What do you guys think?

    Thanks a lot for your advice!

    :party:HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    DAREDEVIL New Member

    I had the same thing on my 96 Suburban. changed crank sensor and everything,,,now waiting for new ECM and then see waht happens !!!!

    And HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U too, :party:
  3. sgt_in_usaf

    sgt_in_usaf New Member

    Hopefully that will do it. Good luck to you. Where did you find an ECM from?
  4. unplugged

    unplugged New Member

    Will it start with the help of starting fluid?

    DAREDEVIL New Member

  6. sgt_in_usaf

    sgt_in_usaf New Member

    Haven't tried. I'm fairly confident that this is an electronic, not mechanical problem. It's worth a shot I guess. Never used that stuff before, where do I spray it and do I do it while cranking it or before cranking?

    DAREDEVIL New Member

    NO !!!!!!!!!!, its not a fuel problem .:neutral:

    Sarge,,,,,,DON'T USE STARTING FLUID !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. sgt_in_usaf

    sgt_in_usaf New Member

    Didn't really think that the fuel system was the problem.

    Funny thing...I tried starting it today for grins and giggles and it started right up no problem. Problem now is that yesterday it had died inside one of the indoor car wash stalls on base and today they disabled all the roll up doors since it's -23 and they don't want anyone using them when it's below -10...and now they're off work until Tuesday :( LoL So hopefully it'll still start on Tuesday and I can at least get it home.

    Now, I am convinced this is an electronic problem, not mechanical. Anyone know if this would be the ECM or could it be some other system/circuit?

    DAREDEVIL New Member

    The only thing i could think of is the ignition switch, it basicly powers the ECM !!!!:neutral:

    I will hopefully find out soon on my 96 !!:lol:
  10. sgt_in_usaf

    sgt_in_usaf New Member

    Roger that. I'll try that if it doesn't cost too much. Please post an update when you get your ECM!
  11. sgt_in_usaf

    sgt_in_usaf New Member

    I've talked to a few other people who are car knowledgeable, I've had a few suggestions that it might be the fuel pump. I tried using the truck yesterday for the first time since I got it home after being stuck and again today and it didn't have any problems.

    Quick recap...if you subtract the random codes...it died twice while moving (once pulling up to a stop sign, once pulling up to my driveway) and a few times while idling in park. I've never had a problem initially starting it, and only once since it died was I not able to start it till it sat overnight and then it fired up right away. Could this be a fuel pump issue (I've got a pressure gauge on order that should be here a few days)? How would one check the ECM? Any other ideas on what it could be?
  12. sgt_in_usaf

    sgt_in_usaf New Member

    OK, tonight it died on the road while doing about 60. The engine lurched twice in about 5 seconds and then died and wouldn't restart. Gonna have it towed tomorrow. Gave me the code again about the camshaft sensor. Could it be that, or the computer?
  13. tattooed4life

    tattooed4life New Member

    Change the sensor, I would almost guarantee that is what is causing your problems.
  14. sgt_in_usaf

    sgt_in_usaf New Member


    Well, I'm not sure if it was the crankshaft sensor or the fuel pump, but we changed both and the truck is running normally now. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions!
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