2002 4x4 sonoma issue

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    okay so i just bought my truck about 4 weeks ago. every friday i take it out ridin trails and crawling tiny rocks and whatnot. no problems worked fine. however i take it mudding and i mean i drove it hard and mud got everywhere. i cleaned off as much as i could at the local car wash(spent 15 bucks in quarters). and now i have what appears to be a roaring sound when weight is shifted to the driver side and stops when i shift the weight to passenger side. it is a 4wd sls with 127k miles i have noticed the roaring increases with more tire speed and decreases with less tire speed. which makes me think its related to rubbing or something. also it gets worse when i turn right shifting the weight to drivers side and it lessens when i shift the weight to passenger side.diff was low on fluid so i topped it off and it continues. anyone have any ideas? everything still works just fine

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