2002 Chevy Trailblazer Tune-up

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    Ok, I just broke down and admited to myself that I can't do everything, that includes doing my own tune-up on the Trailblazer. So I thought I would share with everyone my experiences in finding a shop to do the tune-up, and include all of the work that is to be done. Some of what we found out is surprising!

    First off, here's the list of items that we wanted to get done.

    2002 Chevy Trailblazer Tune-up - Steve's list
    - New Spark Plugs
    - Clean Throttle Body
    - New fuel filter
    - New air filter
    - Basic inspection for safety, emissions
    - Brake system inspection, replace pads if needed and turn rotors
    - Tire Rotation and alignment if needed
    - Coolant flush and service if needed
    - Fuel system cleaning if needed

    Local Shops First
    So i started calling around and found a local place that I will talk about, Christian Brother's Automotive Repair. I was told to get there at 7 AM and they could try to get me in first thing. Well, they're popular, so at 7 AM there was already a LINE! I was told that maybe they could get to it same-day by 3 PM or so. I was hoping to get something quicker, so I decided to call around.

    Quickie Place
    I called another shop that's mostly known to me for doing Lubes, but they do Lube and Tune, so I figured that would be ok. The name is K*** K** and they are local and I have actually gone there for lube and oil change before so I felt comfortable going in there.

    There was no wait, I got there at 8 AM just when they opened, nice guys it seemed. They pulled up my make and model, a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer, 4.2L I6. The printout came up for about double what I thought it should have been. They opened with saying that it was a requirement to use the Iridium AC Delco Spark Plug, which is fine it's just a different material than platinum, you can get them online for like $6 each. I asked about platinums and they wouldn't put them in. They wanted $15.12 each for the Iridiums, plus 2 hours of shop time to do the job. So that's $270 to change the spark plugs!

    Called a friend
    So I called one of the guys that I know in the auto industry at a dealer in Dallas, becuase off the top of my head I couldn't remember if they had a special spark plug or not and if it had to be Iridium or if it could be platinum. He looked up that the spark plugs cost $5 each for AC Delco platinum and those are the plugs that are recommeded to be replaced as OEM from the manufacturer.

    The quickie place would charge 30 minutes labor to clean the Throttle body, which is pretty fair overall, a $80 Fuel Induction Service, which I didn't ask for, and $32.33 in Shop Supplies. Grand Total = $446.47 for a tune up. This was BEFORE brake servicing, about $300 probably they said, plus they forgot about all of the filters which would add in another $120.

    So the tuneup with brakes and filters would run about $900 total for everything. They didn't do alignments at their shop, so I would have to get that done somewhere else for another $100, and about $20 for a tire rotation or so, bringing the total to over $1,000.

    HUH, did I have sucker written on my forehead?

    SO, I took it to the dealership, which happens to be near where I work, and I have some relationship and trust built up with them over time, so I figured it I were to be taken advantage of, at least I should go where I can have some better documentation of being taken advantage of!

    Turns out, I'm getting my plugs installed, throttle body cleaned, filters changed, and alignment done for less than a third of what I was going to end up paying at this quickie place. (I'll update with a final price when I have to pay)

    Want to know something else? They looked at the brake pads and they are right at about half-life! How's that for how awesome these OEM brake pads are??? The rotors don't need to be turned and the pads don't need to be replaced. They alignment does need to be done, that's $89 and is being done right now.

    WOW, very happy with my visit here today. I got the work done, it's close to my office so I don't have to miss work, and it's a good overall experience. Photos to come!

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    Wow a dealer that is cheaper than another place??? Surprising.. As to the brakes, I never ever take a shops word on that since they will tell you they are bad long before they are to make the extra money not to mention most people dont take the time (or have the time as well im guilty) but they forget to get a second opinion.
    Glad your getting her tuned up and ready to go..
    I only have 2 places that i trust enough to work on my truck when i dont have the time.. one of them i end up waiting at least 2 weeks for the work to get done but end up paying next to nothing for the work to be performed. (ie gas tank replacement, i bring in my own tank. $40 done deal) The other one is when something really needs to be done now.
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    Just got the photos uploaded here.

    Trailblazer Spark Plugs - these are the factory OEM plugs. I guess they don't build up carbon like they used to, one of the reasons that they last to 100K.
    View attachment 19394

    Overhead views of the block. Each plug has it's own distributor, these Voctecs are pretty sweet engines.
    View attachment 19395
    View attachment 19393

    Getting the Alignment Done. They've got a pretty advanced alignment system here. The camber was off pretty bad on the drivers side. Getting that fixed and the tires rotated.
    View attachment 19396

    Got a quick snapshot of the guys working on my Trailblazer. Hi Joe!
    View attachment 19392
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    Yes, most quicky lube shops are just plain rip-offs. They can't make a living selling $21.00 oil changes so they make it else where. Trouble is most people don't know anybetter and say O.K.. Thats there job to up sell you.
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    Your telling me.. My wife brought the Z71 into the shop yesterday to get a patch put on the front tire.. (easy fix right) i told her to make sure they balanced the tire when they put it back on the rim..
    Well the Service "advisor" (guy reaching into your wallet as deep as he can) told my wife that it is better to balance all 4 of the tires at the same time... Well my wife couldnt get ahold of me and thought that i said something along those lines so she had them balance all 4 tires!
    IT cost me $62.68, to get a F&*()^) Tire patched (i just had a nail in the tread face hence why i said easy fix).
    SO that is a Firestone Store that I will for sure not be going back to (they have always treated me well, and my wife is on my account so what the #$#_(*%$#!!!!!) im a little Ticked at this if you havent noticed.

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