2002 Stepside custom paint, need suggestions

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by donyms, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. donyms

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    I know this may be short notice but I am taking my truck on December 12 to be custom painted. The designer at the paint shop has the cab part figured out but he says the stepside bed presents a challenge due to all the bends and curves. We are going with the original smoke grey base and red fire on the lower half of the truck in a offset v type design on the doors and tailgate and probably 2 contrast colors "undecided so far" It is hard to get any ideas online but I know there are allot of creative people on here so hopefully I can get some good ideas. Thanks ahead of time. I will check back every day until the 12th. If you have any pictures of ideas you can send them to: don@sleepyape.com
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    if your going to a credible body shop i dont see why the painter cant follow the flame thru from front to back, and 2 designs clashing together never works out. being a body tech/ painter i can tell you now that if you dont know what you want b4 its done, and give your shop a clear explaination of what your expecting, YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY with the end result. and i woulndnt get anything done if your not sure its what you want cus its too expensive and time consuming to just going til your happy
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    Thank you clgoch for your input it is very appreciated. I did come up with a design for my truck and it is at the paint shop being done now. I can't wait to get it back. The paint shop is very reputable in fact the local Chevy dealer uses them for all there paint and body work because they said all there work is factory like or better. I was not wanting to put flames on it but an up to date simple design that has class with a touch of wild. Red Fire on Charcoal Gray. I will post pictures when I get it back, probably about the 23rd of December. The whole problem with the design part was the fact that mine is a step-side. Even looking on line and in magazines it is hard to find step-sides with custom paint due to all the bends and curves. Again thank you for your post. Talk to you again soon.

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