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Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by suburban_atlanta, Mar 29, 2010.

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    My 2002 Suburban has lots of accessory plugs which should come in handy the next time I take my wife and three kids on a cross-country drive. My concern / frustration is that there seems to me no marking for the outlets or in the manual to indicate the rated power for any of these.

    I have two accessory + one lighter socket up front, another one in the back of the console and a fifth back in the hatch area. All I find in the manual is where it says to contact my Chevy dealer for more information-- pretty silly.

    This isn't rocket science and it is info that car owners need. My best guess is I have 10 amps to play with if this is fused where I think it is, which seems pretty minimal for five accessories and even at that, I can't tell for certain if the fuse I think these are all on has anything else on the circuit.

    I thought I saw somewhere (and now I cannot find it) that the cigarette lighter is on the same circuit as the other accessory sockets but as I think about it, if they're all on a 10 amp fuse, that REALLY makes no sense as using the lighter (which I never will-- I don't smoke) would have to pull a lot of power so anything over a minimal load on the other outlets would blow the fuse. Does anybody have a proper answer on all of this?

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    I've tried to reply to this a few times, but people keep talking to me...geez!

    My 02 book shows two circuits in the fuse block under the hood - Aux Pwr and Cigar. Each says lighter and power outlets, and are 20a and 15a respectively.

    Maybe a test would be: check all outlets with a plug in accessory to insure they work. Then pull one fuse at a time to see which outlets still work. This should tell you how many of the outlets are controlled by which fuse, and at what amperage.

    Not really precise, but it'll give you an idea of where to plug in the heavier draw accessories.

    Good luck,

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