2002 Suburban front speaker replacement

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    What is the easiest way to access the speakers? Do the speaker grills come off or do I need to remove the whole door panel?
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    You have to remove the door panel

    I have a 2002 Suburban and have a blown speaker. I found that the steps are as follows:
    1. Remove small door handle trim cover using thin screwdriver (don't have a trim tool) under front of door handle lever trim cover and lift out to remove that handle cover.
    2. Remove the power window and door lock mechanism if present by gently prying up between its trim and the door trim. It will pop up and out. (You should probably disconnect the battery first since you will be working with the connections to the door mechanisms).
    3. Disconnect three connectors from power window and door lock mount and tweeter connector from tweeter just inside and below the opening.
    4. There are two screws, one just exposed under the window and locks trim and one to the rear of the longer door pull (it is always exposed).
    4. Gently pry off the small triangular trim at the bottom front of the window using a flat screwdriver. It just pops out with spring clips on the inside.
    5. When the two screws in step 4 are removed you will be able to remove the door trim by prying out at the bottom and lifting up and away. There 1" wide plastic hooks on the inside bottom for the trim and the trim hooks over the window opening. Be careful to unhook the small light at the bottom left (rear) of the trim as you bring it away from the door or you could pull the wires out. Most likely the lamp is out and needs to be replaced as it was on mine.

    Before I go on with more DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE the speaker from its metal housing, it will come apart and be ruined. See below.

    There is a plastic file with pressure sensitive adhesive covering the exposed door. The speaker is now exposed (hopefully if you had a tweeter you removed the connection in step 3. The speaker pops out with gentle prying and pressing down on the two black plastic clips at the top. I found that on my speaker the lead from the connector on the speaker frame to the base of the cone had come loose but also the foam floating support was gone in many places. I don't know where a replacement speaker can be obtained because it mounts with this factory made mounting frame that is integral to the speaker itself. I suppose one could drill holes in the metal of the inside door to mount an aftermarket speaker. I'm sure many have done this. I'm buying one at the dealer so I won't have to mess with it anymore. It is a 4 ohm in my car.

    Hope this helps.
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