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    I know this is a stupid question, but I have the truck up on a lift to do the rear brakes, turns out I need the backing plates also, so I have to get the axles out, so I have to remove the rear diff cover, so I have to take a bunch of other stuff off, and the rear end access is much easier if the spare is gone. This is my wife's vehicle so the back is filled with crap that I don't want to empty out if I don't have to as it is very difficult to get in there a this point. The owner's manual said under the second seat on the drivers side, but there is nothing there and I don't think there ever was a jack there. What I'm actually looking for is the handle to lower the spare tire. Another question would be has anyone ever made a tool to do that without the jack handle? If you can tell me where the jack is or at least is supposed to be I'd appreciate it. Thanks! Dave
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    Open the back hatch/barn doors and on the right side of the truck, the interior panel has the long tray on the top. Lift up on this panel and inside this compartment is the jack and handle. Make sure you see how it's put back because they can be a pain in the a.. to get back in. Also, wash your hands good cause if get grease from the jack on the panel, it's also a pain in the a.. to get off, hope this helps...

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    Thanks! That is more helpful than you know...
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    Your most welcome, glad I could help.....(One note I refered to the right side, this is if your inside looking out from the back of the truck, it would be the left side if you are outside looking in sorry!).
    Jeff :great:

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