2002 Suburban Suspension Upgrades

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by dmatre, Sep 8, 2011.

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    2002 Suburban purchased used with 116K miles.
    Has the G65 manual auto level, also has the ZW7 chasis package, premium smooth ride. I think this means it has the Nivomat self-leveling shocks, no air lines or electrical connections on shocks, no air bags.

    I am considering the Readylift 69-3005 kit. Comes with indexed torsion bar keys, shock extenders, and 1" spacers for the rear coil springs.
    Also looking at he Bilstein 4600 series HD shocks. They recommend repalcing the rear coil springs with their springs #19020, to maintain ride height when replacing the nivomat style shocks with their conventional shocks.

    Current shocks don't seem bad, but you never know how bad the ride is until you improve it.
    My thinking is; if I have to undo the bottom front shock mount to install the leveling kit, I may as well undo the top and replace the shocks now instead of later, since I don't konw the age or brand of the current shocks. Same with the rear, if the spring has to be replaced to switch to conventional shocks, may as well do it now while I have the spring out to put in the spacer.

    Anybody have any experiences with this or a similar combination?
    Any thoughts/recommendations?

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    Welcome to the club. I've never had or worked on that set up, but your looking at good products, Bilsteins and ReadyLift. :great:I would go with Bilsteins recommendations.

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