2002 Tahoe is DEAD

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    Ok so those of us that have replaced our fuel pumps and all of that fun stuff...I went out to the 'Hoe this morning and it started just fine but wouldnt stay running. Then after doing that three or four times it just totally died! Anyone else had this problem? My wife said that it did it the other day to her, and then stated up out of nowhere five minutes later. I waited about an hour and it still is acting like it has a dead battery. Before wasting $150 bucks on a new battery I thought I would ask my fellow 'Hoe owners.
  2. MrDavisandFam

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    Your signature doesn't say where you live and you didn't say in your post.

    By chance was it below freezing last night?

    You probably have water in the gas line that froze overnight.

    Our plow truck wouldn't start this morning, took the fuel filter off and it was frozen solid. Got water in the line. Replaced the filter and she's running just fine.

    If it stays cold and it is a frozen fuel line you first need to put some gas line antifreeze in it. Charge the battery and keep trying to start it, If it keeps doing what you said get under it with a blow drier and follow the fuel lines,

    DON"T USE A TORCH !!!!!
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    Lol, it's funny becuase I can see someone going out with a torch! :)
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    Re: RE: 2002 Tahoe is DEAD

    I just hope he doesn't. But ya the picture is in my head to. Some poor smuck up north here in the states or Canada trying to thaw out a gas line in these temps.

    Right now it’s 5 degrees, going sub 0 tonight. Last night it was 17 for a low. So it really doesn’t need to get that cold to freeze a gas line.

    Winter up here I try to remember to put a bottle of gas line antifreeze in for every tank. Fuel injector cleaner works well to.

    But on the other hand he didn’t say where he lives so I may just be barking up the wrong tree.
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    RE: Re: RE: 2002 Tahoe is DEAD

    Ok living in Idaho yes it has gotten very cold lately, however I diddnt think that anything would freeze in my garage. The strange thing is that the Tahoe acted like it had no charge at all. Is this just a safety thing or what? I updated my signature to include all of the requested info. Thanks for the help! NO TORCH! I love to work on my own cars and hope that no one is that "special" that they would torch a fuel filter. It started right up about two hours later and started again just fine this morning.
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    RE: Re: RE: 2002 Tahoe is DEAD

    I don’t Think it’s a safety feature for the battery to not spin.

    Bring it in and have it charged and load tested.

    The colder it gets it test all our batteries. This morning when Amanda got on the school bus it was -6 and Melanie had to go to a appt. at 8 AM and it still had dent gotten above 0.

    The truck turned over real slow, but started. The colder it gets the slower things turn over in the morning.

    I know I have body parts that wake up slower than others now days myself.

    But it did get more than cold enough to freeze a gas line with water in it.

    Unless you have heated garage. Then again if it is a heated garage and you don’t run the heat unless you are working in there then that creates condensation in the fuel tank when it heats up in there.


    Thanks for the local, it answered a lot of questions about reasons for your problem to me at least.
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    Dead Tahoe

    LOL-- That's scary

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