2002 Trailblazer issues

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    I have read through most of the old posts and can not find these two particular issues.... the first one is a clicking noise upon start up. It is a rapid series of clicks that sounds like it is coming from under the dash. It did it last summer, quit over the winter and started again today (it has gotten hot again, I am in Texas). The second issue is ongoing. About 18 months ago the service engine light came on and we took it to Autozone for a code read. They said it showed that the problem was the gas cap, so we replaced it and sure enough the light turned off. We had no other problems with it until recently when it came back on. Again we took it in, they read the code and said the same thing, I am now on gas cap #3, but the light has come back on so the cap probably isn't the real problem.....any thoughts? I hate to send her in for "exploratory surgery", but also don't want to destroy her. Thanks!

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