2002 Yukon XL Denali Ride Control

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Chevrolade, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. Chevrolade

    Chevrolade New Member

    2002 Yukon XL Denali 6.0 L
    81,000 miles

    Having an issue where the "service Ride Control" light came on the other day. I turned it of and then restarted it and it goes away and stays gone until the next day when it is cold again , it will come on and stay on until i turn it off and on again.

    I took it to the local "chevrolet dealer" and they said my traction control computer was shot..
    Now last i checked TCS was in chevy trucks lol and mine being a GMC Yukon Denali it is called Auto-ride am i correct?

    They want to start with a $800 replacement for the "traction control Sytem cpu" so i am very very suspicious, it is a well known dealership in the area. They also said i need to replace the transaxle, two rotors and have the front rotors turned. We just got new tires and i hear that people have knocked the sensors off the shocks before during tire replacement is this true? Then on top of everything we had brought the vehicle in hopes of getting it back for the weekend but they said that it was not safe . I was driving it and it all seemed fine, just a small clunk on rare occasions on hard accelleration, then quick release of the pedal, and the light coming on in the mornings.

    very stressed they are looking at near $2800 for all new parts and labor with trans service, brakes (replace 2 rotors, and turn 2 rotors),cpu replacement, transaxle teardown(somthing about burnt fluid further inspection needed?possibly needing more parts etc so an open ended estimate there said this was ready to fail at any moment) So they insisted that it was safer to keep the vehicle in for the entire weekend and possibly late into the week. It freaks me out because I could swaer i noticed nothing seriously wrong.

    Can anyone bear to spend a few mins reading this post and respond i would be forever greatful!
  2. dwill3015

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    Welcome to the site! I am not familiar with the "Auto ride" set-up and TCM but you may consider taking it to another dealership for a second opinion.
  3. JMoney02

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    I also would take for another opinion, your peace of mind and money. Appears you've been driving with the "Potential" problems and have not noticed some of their findings, correct? You are right about the Air-Ride for GMC and the TCM sounds a little fishy as being shot? What type of test was performed on the unit? Did they tell you that, were you able to check the other issues up close with the SWR and the Mechanic? I would definitely pursue a second opinion....


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