2003 2500hd crew cab brake problem

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by buckley03, Nov 3, 2008.

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    Hey guys,
    So I'm new on here and I'm having a problem with my brakes.... It need all new rotors and pads so I did the usual and compressed the caliper and removed the pads,caliper from the bracket, and rotor.... replaced them all and and though I was good now my abs light comes on every once in awhile when i make a slow right hand turn.... and my truck turns hard left at almost every stop.. and the pedal kicks back at me and grawls but not all the time but if u pump the brakes its fine.... also i know this isnt the right section for this last thing but the other day my dash cluster went out the other day any idea on that one??????

    thanks guy

  2. 04sierracrewcab

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    welcome! glad to have you!

    hopefully we can help with ure problems
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    After you completed, did you bleed the system completely? Remove the old fluid from the master Cyl., add new before the bleeding if you did bleed. BF(brake fluid) gets old after time, turns to water and rusts BL's (brake lines) from the inside out, just a little info. You need to bleed in order, check the sensor's for the wheels on the ABS and make sure clean and not damaged, appears one of the fronts are giving you problems, the pedal also is from air in the system, you may/do have some air. Sometimes you just can't get away without bleeding the system.
    You dash is electronic and I believe it may be a part of the recall for the year (2003-2004), depends on the miles, recall states for 7yrs/70k miles so check with the dealer and have tham check the numbers on the dash and they can tell you if you are eligible. Hope your good to go, if not let me know....

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    Welcome to the site.
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    Hey thanks for the support and the help guys..... I'll try it out and see what happens
  6. buckley03

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    where do i look for the abs sensors?

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