2003 Blazer - potential 1st buyer

Discussion in 'Chevy Blazer Forum (GMC Jimmy)' started by schwag27, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. schwag27

    schwag27 New Member

    hey guys - looking at a 2003 blazer. has 67,000 miles. 4x4

    anything in particular i should look for before purchase?

    any major issues with these models?

  2. JTward1

    JTward1 Rockstar Gold Member 100 Posts

    Pictures would help, but, Is it a S-10 or a full size squar body ? and if so has it been jacked way up and has mega over sized tires and wheels ? But no matter what, 1st thing is plug in a OBD-2 and see if there are any trouble codes floating around, 2. I'd put it on a lift and look the frame over real well, Even though these trucks have the ability to go off-road, but there is a point of no-return where your twisting parts NOT MENT to be abused. I'm not saying the off roading is truly abusive, but your dealing with a piece of equipment. In many way it's like a fork lift or a Backhoe, these pieces of equipment can and sometimes are put in a position where their way outside of their operational envelope. If you talk to semi truck drivers, they'll tell you that the federal weight limit is 80.000 lbs, but many, many times their well north of that figure is surpassed, and the trucks trailer takes a beating either with metal cracks or the tractor having the brakes wearing out long before they should. And if your a independent, guess who's paying for the damage ? Or the State Police pull you over and do a road-side weight check. Maybe you were hoping to burn off some weight in fuel, but in the end, your drivers license is going to get the points, not the dispatchers.

    Same thing with the K5 Blazer and the S-10 to some extent. these trucks built back in the eighties they were never imagined to be lifted 10 " and new 35" tire and wheels. A good example from my past is wheel spacers. Aluminum to fit bigger or wider tires. If I've seen one car siting flipped or on the side of the road due to a wheel spacer split down the middle. When your going to take a truck off road you should get some expert advice from Garages who have successfully done this kind of work. Never the less, I'd put it on a lift and using a powerful LED flash light and look for any abnormal or cracks. You also need to see what condition the engine, trans, and transfer case is in. anyway, Good luck

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