2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer LS dont start no radio or electric windows

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by fgt1992, Apr 25, 2013.

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    Hi everyone nice to join: you all on this forum.I do owne a chevy trailblazer 2003 like many of you but the car is having some situation.1-Engine don't start no crank at all.2-No radio,interior lighting or electric windows working.I reap of the remote starter was installed before believing this was the cause of the problem but no success with this.As per many post findet in the site apparently in more then 50% of cases the problem seame to be the ignision zwitch.Tha battery was tested and is ok as well all the fuse.Can you guys give a litter clue with this beacouse if I go the the dealer probably I will come back with a big invoice.Thank you very much
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    Welcome to the site!!

    Save yourself money and don't take to the dealer for electrical issues, all they do is process of elimination. BCM, ECM, fuse box that right there is a couple thousand dollars (they're price)

    I'm going with BCM, or short to ground in the wiring under the drivers side dash, where they most likely spliced the wires for the remote start.

    You need to get the BCM read at a shop, see if It has a U1000 code set. (Will not light up on dash) This is a serial 2 data fault, If you have a grounding issue this will set and simply disconnecting the battery will not clear it.
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    I believe the problem is, as you suggested, the ignition switch. It is a very common problem on the Trailblazer/Envoy trucks.
    It is cheap to buy, easy to change.

    I do not normally recommend changing a part without ensuring if it is faulty; however, the ignition switch fails so often and is so inexpensive, that this is one time I say, go ahead and change.

    Worst case, is that you will have spent $30 and the truck has the same problem and you have a spare ignition switch.
  5. fgt1992

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    Thank you for the info I appreciated it.I did installed a new switch but still the same situation. I try to start de engine (bypassing the switch and crank good but something is keeping the engine from fully starting probably a security system has to do with it) Someone told me de issue is with de computer I don't believe it since all systems beside starting and electric window are resetting Avery time I put the key in.Is there any way to bypass the antiteef system for this truck?Thank you

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    Thank you Ray. Bad day today I installed a new switch but the problem still there. There is a security issue around here I don't know the system name but the car don't start and after checking all fuss there is no more ground for playing with this.I will wait since I still receiving few suggestion from the forum so I`m optimist we will find a solution without going to see the sharks at GM. Thank you again

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    Very nice truck congratu!!
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    Thanks :happy:

    Ok, let's tackle one at a time. Locate the starter relay in the under hood fuse box, I think it is #47 (I'm going by memory, I no longer have the truck, or the manuals). The relay should operate when the key is in the crank position. You will probably have to place a finger on the top of the relay to feel it click.

    If the relay does not operate, you might have a blown fuse. I think there will be 2 fuses, one is #17 (again, I could be wrong). If the fuses are good, the Park/Neutral switch may be bad.

    If you feel the relay operating (key in crank) and releasing (key turned from crank) then you have power through the fuses I talked about above. You now need to check the lead to the starter that the start relay switches power to.

    This wire goes to the solenoid of the starter, it is either pink, or purple. With someone turning the key to crank, you need to check for 12 volts at the starter end of this wire.

    No 12 volts, you have a bad relay.

    If you have 12 volts, the starter is the problem.

    Pull it out and have it tested, it may only be the solenoid, which is a replaceable part.

    Edit, just noticed, in your opening post, that the radio is not working either. If you tried to get a battery boast, you may have blown the megi-fuse. It is 125 amps, mounted at the front of the fuse panel. It has black and red wires and is often mistaken for the boast posts.

    This may be the reason the radio/windows, etc don't work. it will not be the reason the truck won't start.
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    Some days I want to download your brain, I swear!
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