2003 Chevy Suburban 1500 2wd (A/C Actuator Problem)

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Chevy_SSHD, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Chevy_SSHD

    Chevy_SSHD New Member

    I'm having an issue with my A/C for the second time in two years. The issue's are the same both time. My A/C blows out hot air if it is on or off on the driver side only, the passenger side and the back works just fine. The first time I had to replace it they told me that it was an actuator and cost me over 750.00 and less then two years later I'm having the same issue. Anyone have an idea on what i should do (i.e. write GMAC, or fix it).
  2. Retired Deputy

    Retired Deputy New Member

    Having the same problem with my '07 Silverado HD2500. Driver side blowing hot air and passenger side blowing cold air. Pulled control unit out and unplugged it. Shot some wd40 in it and seamed to work. Replaced it and test drove, still doing the same thing. Actuators are working, it started on cold and then went to hot. I am replacing a/c unit for $231.00 to see if this is the problem. You might try this route. Could be cheaper than replacing actuators
  3. rgaff

    rgaff Member

    I'm not an ac tec. It does sound like the actuator to me, I would wait on some more feed back from someone on this site. I don't believe the compressor is the problem,I would be patient before I spent the 231.00 and wait for the answer. Just my opinion. Good Luck
  4. Retired Deputy

    Retired Deputy New Member

    I did replace the remote control unit and also did a reset for HVAC system.

    1. I started the engine.
    2. Turn the A/C on.
    3. Pulled the 10A HVAC/ECAS fuse under the hood.
    4. Waited 30 seconds.
    5. Turned the engine off.
    6. Replaced the 10A fuse.

    Everything is working fine. After several trips in the truck on back roads, cold air is still blowing out on the driver and passenger side. It was my old remote control that was going out. I'm sure the actuators will be next.
  5. 54chev3100

    54chev3100 New Member

    You may have a binding hvac door but I have seen those actuators fail repeatedly also.
    If it is the left actuator then you can replace that one fairly easily yourself.
  6. ZSI52

    ZSI52 Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    Go ahead and replace the actuator too. I've been through 2 of the actuators already. The actuator is located above the hump in the floor on the right side of it. You have to pull off the hvac box cover on the bottom of the dash. When you reinstall it, do the reset for the hvac system. Then you should be good. If the passenger side starts messing up then you're in for a treat. Its right on top of the black Hvac box in the middle. You have to remove everything on the top of the dash to get to it.
  7. Loggerhead Mike

    Loggerhead Mike Rockstar 100 Posts

    try re-setting the actuators

    pull the neg. battery cable and re-install. turn truck on and do not touch anything for a few minutes
  8. Retired Deputy

    Retired Deputy New Member

    Found out that my actuator was the problem. Removed cover box and pulled left side actuator out. Opened unit, cleaned the contacts and reshaped the spring contacts, and closed it back up. Reinstalled and check for position before putting cover on. Saved myself 145.00 to 200.00 dollars for new. Blend door was moving back and forth by manual turning. Cold air now blows and is still working. Thanks for the suggestions.
  9. Chevy_SSHD

    Chevy_SSHD New Member

    Thanks, Let me know if replacing the a/c unit works...

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    Deputy are you saying that all I should have to do now is what you've done on this last post.
  10. Retired Deputy

    Retired Deputy New Member

    Yep, just take the cover kick box off. The ds actuator is right of the center console. You will be able to see the power plug. Just unplug from the actuator, use a socket and extension to take the two screws off, and the actuator will drop down. Then use a small flat head screw driver and take the actuator apart. Clean the contact surface, re-adjust the spring contacts, and put the two parts back together. Alittle time is involved, but the reward will still be in your back packet instead of the dealers. Check the blend door for free movement, you can turn it back and forth, and put the actuator back on. Also, listen and feel that the actuator is moving after plugging in the power source. Then, put the kick box back on a go for a test drive. That's it.

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