2003 Envoy - Glaze or wax ?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by bASSCASTER, Oct 12, 2007.


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    I have a real nice 2003 Envoy that shines. I was thinking of waxing it for the Winter. A guy at the Auto body shop said he would use a Glaze. Would you get it glazed or do it myself and use a wax. Should I use a cleaner or a premium wax ? What brand and kind of protective coating would you use ? Is there a website to get tips ? Thanks !
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    Whether or not you want to glaze it is your choice, you could do both. However make sure you use wax last to protect whatever is under it. So for the winter you really should use a synthetic wax. It doesn't have that mirror like shine AS much as caranuba or zymol type wax, but hides tiny imperfections a little better and lasts much longer making it better for winter. I would recommend Meg's NXT 2.0. It looks, lasts, and it is affordable at around $10 a bottle.

    I personally like to use Meg's Show car glaze every couple weeks or so in the summer before waxing. Looks amazing.

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