2003 Envoy stereo install

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    my cd player in my 03 Envoy is skipping more and more lately. I am looking at updating the head unit and was wondering which parts i need.

    I know the wiring harness and mounting kit are required, but are there any other modules i need to retain certain features (stereo running while car is off, door chimes, etc.)

    Plus, it is a 6 speaker system, will i need to add an amp to retain this or is there a way to run 6 off of a 50x4 head unit?

    Thanks for your help folks.
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    Theres one more thing you will need indefineately and that is either a relocation T-harness, why? well because your radio controls your door chimes, lights, and well nothing really important but you ABS and AIRBAGS lol so yea u definetly want to pick that up, basically all you have to do after is simply, plug in the harness to the stock harness, run the cable down the side to the back of your vehicle, plug inthe stock radio, and where the stock deck would be, youll have wires for speakers, ground, power etc. from my experience, ive always ran it to under the drivers seat and plugged in the stock radio under the seat this wasy its hidden and out of harms way, just remember to turn the volume down or else theyll mix up with ur aftermarket sound. The other alternative is to buy this T- harness module, but it c osts way more, but is very simple,plug in the harness tgo the stock harness, the module is hardwired in the harness so just tuck that away somewhere it wont get in the way and hook up your aftermarket radio.

    From my experience, with the huge harness application, the 12v ignition wire to turn the deck on and the driver front speaker wires never work, they both go to a relay, ive asked pros why it does that or why there even is a relay and they just tell me just get a 12v ignition from the fuse box, and splice the speaker wire from before the relay.

    another thing is, if you wanted to run your speakers through an amp, and u get the huge harness, if you want to get lazy and cut the work in half, you recieve wires for the alll speakers on the harness to the stock radio so u can not plug them in on your aftermarket radio, and where they come on the stock radio cut the wires there, and run them to your amp, its a cheap, fast way and lazy way out but it works,

    if i had the 6 speakers i would not put the amp unless u want to go all out, i would just piggy back them on anothe rspeaker.

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