2003 Express AWD Tire Suggestions

Discussion in 'Chevy Express Forum (GMC Savana)' started by banner1124, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. banner1124

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    Howdy all. I have an '03 AWD express and I'm looking to put new tires on it. Now, the wheels/tires currently on the van are not stock. Currently running 255/55/18 Sumitomo HTR Sports. Don't mind these tires at all as they seem to work quite well despite the fact that the fronts are pretty much gone and the rear only have about 50% left. Just wondering what experience you all have with what tires work best with this vehicle. The Sumitomos I have on it now are a tad noisy, but I think that's because they are almost gone. I'm leaning toward the Sumis mainly cause of the look (they look great on the van) and they start with very good tread depth when new (14/32), but I'm definitely open to any suggestions you all might have. What tires would you guys recommend? If it helps I'm gonna be driving this van 900+ miles on the highway just about every week for a while. Thanks.
  2. silverhobey

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    I personally had great luck with higher-end Michelins for touring/highway.
    ( these were on our Oldsmobile Silhouette Van, by the way )
    Have had BFGoodrich for Astro van and they were great---went with a deep
    tread esign for Winter driving and they were a tad noisy, but not enough
    to get rid of them. Just bought 2 other sets of Michelins for the kids cars and
    do not foresee a problem with them either .....Brian from Canada
  3. banner1124

    banner1124 New Member

    Thanks for that input. I've been thinking of going the Michelin route, just not sure if I've got it in me to pull the trigger on them. Price is kind of a concern but I'll do what I need to. Also, I was afraid that the deeper tread design might lead to more noise which is one of the only reasons I'm still on the fence about the Sumitomos

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