2003 Silverado 2500 HD - stock front ride height?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by nfs13b, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. nfs13b

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    Hey all,

    As per a previous post, I recently bought a 2003 2500HD silverado and I live in Australia. I took they car in to get a service and the mechanic advised that the front bump stops are sitting on the lower control arms and that I need to raise the torsion bars...

    Now I can only think of 2 things, someone has lowered the torsion bars for some reason or my torsion bars are stuffed somehow.....

    Is there any way to check this and can someone advise what the stock ride height should be for this car so I can check if it is sitting lower (which is obviously is if its sitting on the bump stops..)

    Does the car look low at the front?

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  2. nfs13b

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    OK so I got my mechanic friend to look at the torsion bars today and he adjusted them a little but but says they are now at the maximum they can be at (which I am guessing is a bad thing) and the bump stops are only just off the lower control arms.....

    Can someone offer some suggestions or advice.

  3. Farmerdave

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    The torsion bars are sagging. Common problem You could look at getting a leveling kit which would raise the front back to stock. Or get some new torsion bars.
  4. nfs13b

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    Thanks, If I got some new Torsion bars what exactly should I be getting?
  5. Velocity1

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    Truck photo shows a stock appearing ride height. It appears as though the suspension may have been modified to 1500 specs. Perhaps? If the torsion bars have sagged enough to allow contact with bump stops that's a lot of fatigue. I would investigate the rear springs for signs that they've been altered or changed. If you correct the front bars for correct ride height and adequate bump stop clearance, you'll have to raise the rear to match. My guess is that the suspension has been previously altered.
  6. ippielb

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    Another thing you can try to do is just switch the bars around.
  7. nfs13b

    nfs13b Member

    Hey All,

    I have wound the torsion bar bolts in which has lifted the bump stops slightly off the lower control arms, however as soon as you sit in the car the bump stops go back on the lower control arm...

    I have attached some pictures of the 2 bump stops and the torsion bar bolts..

    Can anyone advise what I need to do...

    torsion1.jpg right_bump.JPG left_bump.jpg torsion2.jpg

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