2003 suburban A/C problems...

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by kennyb79, May 26, 2010.

  1. kennyb79

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    The guy at the garage is scratching his head. He can’t figure out why the A/C on my suburban is not working. He charged the entire system, it was empty…and he even changed out one of the sensors. How can I describe the situation like he did: its like the vehicle does not know what the ambient temperature is outside of the vehicle, so it won’t turn on the A/C” anybody else ever run into this trouble….hes saying he needs more diagnostic time, that means dollar signs…he said he cleared all the codes, and there were a few, but he still can't get it to blow cold...
  2. Chris Miller

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    When he charged the system, did he vacuum it out at all? If it was empty, this would have been a crucial step.
    Also, if your truck can't read the ambient temperature, then the ambient air temperature sensor might be bad or have damaged/loose wiring. Have him check that out.
  3. kennyb79

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    okay heres the deal...there are two sensors in the grill of the burban. one goes to the thermometer on the rear view mirror, there should be a second one that goes to the ambient air temp...my ambient air temp sensor was hidden behind my signal light on the passenger side due to a collision with a dear. the sensor troubleshot was the thermometer....once we located the correct sensor we determined it was bad and replaced it. still had to take the dash apart and change a switch that controls the return or recirc air before we could get the A/C to work as it should...but its working for now...good thing I love my rig!!

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