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  1. medicjack

    medicjack New Member

    Went and had the codes read again and getting the following:

    P0120 TPS Malfunction
    P0171 Too lean bank 1
    P0174 Too lean bank 2
    P2135 TPS A/B Voltage Correlation

    Have replace the MAF but codes continue. GM recommended replacing the fuel filter that I will do tomorrow. I do not have a separate TPS from the throttle body so maybe it all needs replacing?

    Other ideas?

  2. medicjack

    medicjack New Member

    This weekend I bought a scanner and replaced the following:
    Air filter
    Plug Wires
    Fuel Filter

    Still getting a code for P0171 and P0174.

    Ran the scanner on the way home today at got the following:
    ABSLT TPS% 31.7
    RPM 2005
    CALC LOAD 22.7
    MAF FLOW 54.71
    MAP KPA 73
    IAT 41
    IGN ADVANCE 26.5
    ST FTRM1 -4.9
    LT FTRM1 11.7
    ST FTRM2 -4.6
    LT FTRM2 11.7
    MPH 68
    O2S11 .095
    O2S12 .680
    O2S21 .700
    O2S22 .705
    OBD2 CA

    Where can I find normal ranges listed? Any of this look out of whack?

  3. medicjack

    medicjack New Member

    I had reset the codes and thought the problem was resolved. However came on again this morning:

    Conditions: cold start, temp 35, Light came on within 5 minutes of start.

    Codes: P0171, P0174. Pending code P0101 (this is a new code)

    Freeze data on reader:
    Code P0174
    PTS 8.2
    RPM 1091
    Calc load 2.7
    MAF Flow 7.70
    MAP KPA 41
    Coolant 138
    ST FTRM1 12.5
    LT FTRM1 25.0
    ST FTRM2 14.0
    LT FTRM 2 25.0
    ST FTRM3 -89.7
    LT FTRM3 56.2
    LT FTRM4 50.7
    ST FTRM4 -51.0
    Speed 31

    Any ideas?

  4. p0171 nd p0174 are o2 sensor codes... check those... but usually if they are set out together it's the maf sensor check for vaccuum leaks
  5. LowcountrySuburban

    LowcountrySuburban New Member

    Are you saying p0171 & p0174 together equal a bad MAF?

    I've been getting these two codes about every other morning(usually when it's below around 40°).
    Today, I got p0420.

    Any ideas? --Sorry for the hijack.
  6. medicjack

    medicjack New Member

    2003 Suburban update....

    Have been out of town so just now getting back on the forum. Have continued to have lean codes off and on for both banks since the last update. Replaced the entire throttle body with TPS today. I will say it has not idled this well or had this much power in a while so maybe that was the problem.

    Let's see if the CEL stays off!!

  7. medicjack

    medicjack New Member

    Got the throttle body at Oreilly for $180. Since replacing it all of the codes have cleared. Looking back the truck started not wanting to idle after a dead battery incident late last summer. I have read some other boards that have said the TPS is notorious for acting up after a dead battery and often must be replaced. Their recommendation was to change the battery every 3 years before you find it dead.

    Came out of all of it with a good tune up that was due anyway.

    Changing the shocks today.....

  8. SoundZman

    SoundZman Rockstar 100 Posts

    Any thoughts on possible a bad Knock Sensor causing the Too Lean problem???

    I just mentioned this to another guy on here but, you may want to run a bottle of Seafoam through your vacuum system. This will clean out most of the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and carbon has been know to cause some nasty idle/fuel issues....just my 2 cents

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