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  1. moondog84

    moondog84 New Member

    Hello All,
    My 2003 Suburban speedometer has been pegged at 120+ for about 2 months now and I was wonderning how people usually go about replacing it or fixing the problem? Is there a recall? The truck only has 46000 miles, and thus far I have loved every bit of them. This is by far the best vehicle I have ever bought, but the quality of alot of the componets isnt up to par. Thanks, Jon
  2. TrailLeadr

    TrailLeadr Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Have you had any trouble with the ABS, not kicking in when it should?

    Does the spedo stay at 120 even with engine off, or does it go back to zero, then peg again once engine is started?

    I would start with checking the speed sensor.
  3. stprovost

    stprovost New Member

    Chevy does have a recall with this issue

    Hello, some weeks ago, I got a letter from Chevy stating the instrument cluster is being recalled if the speedo or fuel gage is acting funny. My fuel gage in my Sub 2003 has a different reading each time I start up the truck. I would suggest you call your local GM dealer and inquire about this recall.
    If you want more details, please email me at stprovost@provtechs.com
    The recall will replace the instrument cluster free of charge if certain conditions are met.
    the recall expires when you go over 70,000 miles.
    I have two thousand miles left, and you appear to have plenty of miles left to go.


  4. 218steph

    218steph New Member

    I also have a 2003 with the same problem. I didn't think anything about it until I got a notice from Chevy that they have recognized the problem in many years and makes of thier product and recommend fixing but there is not a recall. If they know of the problem you would think that they would stand behind thier product and fix it but apparently not. Mine hasn't worked in over 2 years.
  5. craigc90

    craigc90 New Member

    watch because even when your going a lower speed the comp still thinks your doing 120 and that will slowly rack up extra miles.
  6. kanman

    kanman New Member

    I believe that this might be true, get it fixed soon, you might want to take your truck to your local chevy dealer and ask about the recall because I got that letter also.
  7. chevyp2p

    chevyp2p New Member

    I had the same problem

    I had the same problem with the speedometer in my car. I found a website where I had it fixed for $140. They rebuild the entire cluster the guy said that all the gauges in the instument cluster are driven by the same type of motors and that I should replacce all of them before the were out. It made sence to me since the rpm's gauge was beginning to act weird. anyways here is the addres in case you wanna check it out.
  8. meash20

    meash20 Rockstar

    There was a recall on the '03 I have an 03 2500, and it had been replaced before I bought it... I'm not sure you can still get the recall covered, but to my knowledge they replace the whole cluster.

  9. J-GIRL

    J-GIRL New Member

    I have the same problem but it only happens when its cold out waht can I do??
  10. J-GIRL

    J-GIRL New Member

    No I have not had any problems with the ABS. The spedo stays at pegged even when its off.

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