2003 Suburban Parking Lights

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  1. slyman1369

    slyman1369 New Member

    Hey All my parking lights for the brake lamps are acting up. The right rear will not come on at all and the left works fine. Tried new bulb and no joy. Also looked all all tail light fuses that could be related and no joy. The last thing that could be it is the Relay for the parking lights but a guy at the auto parts store said that there is no way that only one half of the relay went dead. Any help would be great..
  2. TrailLeadr

    TrailLeadr Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    The relay would control both rear lights as a set. So if one light is coming on, then it would not be the relay.

    If you've checked the bulb, and fuses, I would guess that you have a break in the line going to the bulb. The supply line for those bulbs comes in, and splits near the rear bumper. Check for breaks in the wiring between the two lights.

    Sorry just noticed that you said all your parking lights are acting up.
    I don't have a schematic for that year. I can't tell you if you would have an individual relay for the front lights or not. But I would guess that you don't.
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