2003 suburban window motor replacement

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  1. kennyb79

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    I just finished replacing the window motor and track on my suburban. I gotta admit it was an easy and relatively cheap repair. I bout the motor and guide new on ebay. I did take photos, I just haven't downloaded them yet.

    first remove the door panel. this is pretty easy. there is one 7mm screw behind the door handle, remove that. remove the triangle shaped trim piece buy the winsheild post by pulling out at the top, then it raises up. remove the lock button, and marker light buy prying them off...start at the back and pry to the front, they will pop easily. DO NOT REMOVE the instrument cluster from the door panel...this can only be removed from the inside. there is a screw on the front side accesible from inside only. now everything picks straight up...its not as easy as it sounds, but there is nothing else attached. there is a spot in the center that didn't want to budge, but trust me eventually it will pick up. (This is where i broke my switch cluster, because the way it was grabbing I thought that must be holding it, but it wasn't)

    Once the panel is off, remove the wires going to the switch cluster, I used a marker to label them so I would know how to rewire them.

    the rest is easy.

    there are 6 bolts holding the motor fram to the door...they are 10mm bolts. remove them. then there are 2 bolts holding the window glass to that frame. remove them. I had the window rolled all the way up, and wedge a piece of cardboard to hold the window in place.

    you can now remove the motor and frame. to replace, simple place the framework in place and tighten the 6 bolts. hook up the swith cluster and roll the window all the way up until the window "clamps" make contact with the window and tighten them down.

    now reconnect the window cluster, and put the door panel back on.

    it was that easy, and it took about an hour to fix it.

    I know a guy that his windows wedged closed with little wooden wedges, because his motor or cable broke...I bet it took longer to cut the wedges than replace the entire thing
  2. gaborn73

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    I followed the above instructions to check my wiring before ordering the parts. I can hear the relays in the door switches when attempting to lower the windows. Thankfully the front window motors died when the windows were up. They died about two weeks apart. Here are some pics I took disassembling my front passenger door.
  3. metaled05

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    Do you need a new motor when you hear clicking noises? Or when the window just wont roll down? I have a 93 suburban, but the doors a little different.
  4. murdog94

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    Thanks for the write up. now when people ask about how to we can simply add a link to this..
  5. Argonaut

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    there is one more screw you didn't mention, right by the lock after you remove the lock button

    but thanks for the rest of the instructions, they really helped me in a pinch!

    my window was stuck in the down position and couldn't be lifted, i tried to remove the motor by removing the 4 torx screws holding it on but it didn't seem to want to pull free, instead the outer motor housing came off. I was able to lift the window by rotating the exposed motor core counterclockwise (as viewed from the bottom) by hand, it took 20 or 30 minutes, had to turn the core about 5 full revolutions and then lift the window and repeat over and over, was slow going but was able to get the window up so I could lock the vehicle until I get replacement parts in a few days. I reattached the motor housing temporarily too to keep the core in place and prevent the window from creeping down at all. I needed a flexible driver shaft to reach one of the motor screws for removal, Home Depot had it for $6.
  6. kennyb79

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    yep, my motor quit again....I'm glad I had this post to look back onto. If theres one thing I can stress is that this is an easy job....no need to ppay a garage big bucks to make this repair. also, you have to take the door panel off first before you can get to the switch cluster and unhook all of the switches. still an easy job

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