2003 Tahoe A/C not cooling - Help or wife won't leave for weekend..!

Discussion in 'Chevy Tahoe Forum (GMC Yukon, Cadillac Escalade)' started by bbc, Apr 12, 2017.

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    As to bleeding off air it won't work .We will hunt that dog later.
  2. bbc

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    She's going on a field trip with one of the girls tomorrow. So I am gonna get at it. I HOPE the reason the belt is off is NOT because the compressor locked..!

    BASED ON the PREPONDERANCE of a/c pully/tensioners out there on the market, and HOW they even COME WITH some kits; I am speculating at this time that there is a pretty good likelihood that this belt tensioner wore out and maybe even there might not be a serious or even a leak at all... I'm betting/hoping i'm gonna find a dangling tensioner under there once I take off the fan shroud. I guess I am gonna go ahead and change her water pump and serpentine (since water pump just started leaking/ I think I recall less than 2k miles before they start dumping).

    What's Funny is that I was researching home HVAC units the other day in a shallow "growth attempt", and I saw a guy ask the question as to what the STATIC PRESSURE of a particular HVAC system is a REST. And could he charge it based on that. I thought it was a pretty good point. But HEY - That might simplify things too much....:confused::confused:

    So when you figure I was reading about 75lbs I speculate and there was no belt on the auto HVAC system. You could probably come up with an equation to figure out what the static non-operational charge should be. Bet its about 75-80 lbs.. LOL So i pretty much dumped the whole system down to 45LBs:eek::eek::eek:.. Actually this is probably not good considering that low pressure may provide conditions for the suction line to take in ambient air. We will see...

    Update coming... She's getting her own battery TOMORROW...!:rolleyes:;):)

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    Charts are available for air temperature versus static temperature of AC. Google should find them easily. It's also in the Haynes (Chilton's?) Automotive Air Conditioning Manual.

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  4. bbc

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    Yer close but I think we missed / so maybe I missed to others...

    I was referring to the static pressure of an HVAC unit which is in the OFF POSITION and what the PRESSURE would read just sitting (ONCE everything has equalized/stabilized)...

    Temp would come into play, MILDLY, but would be minimal so to speak... I guess they could also make charts for this....

    The only real issue about this is that it would have to be done for every specific unit.

    Whether or not the real consideration IN HOME RESIDENTIAL APPLICATION would be how long the LINE SET is is questionable. I am just not skilled enough in fluid dynamics to know for sure... But when you consider its a MATTER OF VOLUME-TO-PRESSURE within a given TUBE SIZE parameter, moreso than length (if only dealing in 30% or less variance of lineset lengths I SPECULATE), then....

    But in AUTO APPLICATION. All SPECIFIC CARS ARE THE SAME in terms of lineset length. So it could be easily ACCURATELY MEASURED....

    OR PERHAPS THAT'S what you meanth and we are on different channels...?!?

    So I was saying that while my low side (suction/cold/low pressure line) runs 45 psi. AND my hi side (discharge/high presure/hot line) may run up to 225... THE WHAT... is the GENERAL PRESSURE once everything has stabilized...

    Obviously, we would have to be more precise.... But only within a 5lb margin I hazzard...:)

    Then again, to fill to a SCRATCH SET CHARGE and WEIGHT. Is not that hard on auto if only 50oz of refrigerant...)


    See you help me THINK...!;):)

  5. bbc

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    FYI she made a crap comment today about "not taking anything apart". So she gets another week in the sauna... LOL
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  8. bbc

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    I really cant stand it anymore..... WHAT are you riding on/Driving... In Yer Avatar...???!?!????!

    Looks like a jet turbine powered lawn mower...!
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    Ha ha ha. You're so close you're red hot. That's a John Deere A10 GrassHog. Instead of the GE GAU-8/A 30 mm depleted uranium hydraulic cannon it's got 3 hydraulic reel mowers mounted on underwing pods.

  10. bbc

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    Well IT BETTER BE LOUD...!! Especially for such a small munitions haul... I see the reels ( I used to work on a golf course). I see the GREEN (Close to John Deere).

    What I want to know is DOES IT REALLY FLY?? Or is that special graphics...??!

    Actually. I'm guessing U R "Mow'n the lawn"...!!!!!



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