2003 TB interior

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    All shampooed and spotless (No more boiled butt smell, Patrick!) See the thing on heat vent just above the stereo. Smelly stuff...nice eh. I got the scent called Curry/B/O its a nice smell...LOL
    Thinkin' about either an overhead DVD or the poineer indash deck? Whatca think?

    see deck below

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  2. ChevyFan

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    Nice, my wife and mother in law went 50/50 on a portable shampooer upholstery cleaner. I figure I'll get around to the TB in the next couple of week and give it a nice cleaning.
  3. Cableguy

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    So overhead or indash DVD?
  4. dacraig

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    I'm thinkin it's all about what you want it for. Do you have a family that travels with you? Kids in the back? if so, go for the overhead unit.

    If you want it for you and the "coolness factor" (as i like to call it) go for the in-dash unit. You can always wire up an overhead monitor from the in-dash later on, but you definitely don't want your kids shoving into the middle just to see whats goin on. Plus higher end in-dash units give you the cool capabilities of GPS...which is great.

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    Nice. you should get leather seats. wanta by mine?

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