2003 Trailblazer transmission problem please help!

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by billygeg, Jun 14, 2010.

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    Hi Guys! Glad I found this room! I need some help bad here! I would appreciate any advise..

    My wife and I left Albany yesterday from attending a wedding. As soon as we got on the NYS thruway the truck stopped shifting into gear. My wife would press the gas and the rpm's wold go up but no go..We pulled to the sholder, Shut the truck off, Then restarted. She went a few hundred feet and it did the same thing. We really needed to get off the highway so we did this for about 17 miles on the sholder! Once we were off the highway we were able to get a tow.. My wife works for advance auto and some of the guys are telling her it sounds like the shift solenoid. The engine light did come on and the code was PO757 which is the B solenoid I believe. My question is, before I replace this thing for nothing. Would this solenoid being bad give the symptoms I described? or do you think the tranny is shot? The ATF is dark and smells burnt and the level appeared to be too high. It was way above the cross section on the dipstick. I only bought the truck 2 months ago from a private seller and foolishly never checked the fluids when I bought it. I dont kinow if the fluid was this high when he sold it to me or if there is a problem making it appear higher than it really is. I know I never added fluid to it. If I do have to change this solenoid can anyone tell me which one it is? I know there are a few. If anyone can explain where it is or send me a link to a schematic that would be great!
    I appreciate everyones time. :money:
    Thanks! Bill
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    if your fluid is burnt it might not be a quick fix

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