2004 Center Console Swap

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    Anyone know what all is needed to swap from the folding bench console/seat to the full length floor console?

    There is a guy on Craigslist in my area that is getting rid of his full-length center console, and will trade for a folding one..

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    Below is a link on doing the Console Swap,it shows what items are needed for the Swap,

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    You will need the center console, and a new trim piece/glove compartment door. If you look at yours, it will go right across the center of the dash. Some people cut the trim piece to fit the console in but if you are going to trade your seat for his console, he will probably be willing to trade that trim piece as well - otherwise he would have a console-sized hole in his dash.

    Also, because of the ductwork in the console, there will be some sort of duct adapter at the front that you will need to connect the vents to the ducts under the dash. The seller would have no need for that with a bench seat, so you should also get that with the console.

    Other than that, its easy enough to do a console swap, and well worth the time in my opinion.

    EDIT: 99'HEARTBEAT has a good link there. That shows you what needs to be done on that trim piece if you don't trade yours with the seller of the console.
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