2004 Chev Tahoe leaking coolant

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  1. dwbrinton

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    Hi, great forum, have searched the above topic but haven't found one that fits.

    My problem first manifested itself with not getting hot air out of the vents during the most recent cold spell. Checked the forums and found that low coolant can cause this. Filled the empty reservoir with coolant and the heat worked. Now, notice small amounts of coolant on the garage floor (some of the spots look orange? and put in green coolant) but reservoir is empty again and heat inside car not working again.

    So, I've got a coolant leak but not sure where it is and how to fix it. Oil changes at Jiffy Lube have been fine, no coolant in oil noticed by mechanics. No coolant smell coming out of exhaust pipe.

    Car runs well, no overheating, even when the coolant reservoir has been empty.

    Thanks for any advice!
  2. stephan

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    Welcome to the Gm truck club DW. I would localize your search in the engine compartment in the area "above" where you see the coolant leaks on the garage floor. There are many places for coolant to leak from your engine, hoses, radiator, etc but you should be able to see it where it is coming from.
  3. tangell88

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    the first place i would check is the water pump and/or gaskets. look underneath and if its leaking theres usually signs of coolant on the wire loom running on the front of the oil pan. also its not recommended to mix green coolant with dexcool(orange). so i would flush your coolant system also
  4. ferg's04

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    i had the loss of coolant in my 04 tahoe, but never saw any on the ground. dealership replaced water pump and said they couldn't think of anything else when that didn't fix it. i brought them a tsb of the problem and they ended up replacing my heads due to damage due to great dexcool. good luck!
  5. TRyan9441

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    I had this same problem of leaking coolant. Evertime I took it to the shop they could not find evidence of the leak. When I parked the vehicle at home I would notice small pool of coolant on the ground. I finally had the mech. take the splash guard off the suv and the next day we found the culprit. I had a bad "o" ring seal in the thermostat. the part was so cheap .69cents that they mech didn't even charge me for the replacement. I would like to add that I had a faulty water pump and I fixed that first. All is well now and not a drop of anything other than condensation from the a/c. Whew!

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