2004 chevy suburban turns left fine but to turn right is like manual steering

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by TMair, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. TMair

    TMair Member

    Hello people
    Ok today I started having this problem, I did a lot of mechanic work with my father in our shop, but we never did get much power steering problems so not real familiar with what this could be.
    It turns just fine to the left, but to try and turn to the right it is worse then manual steering, but only when at parking lot speeds, my guess is just having the wheels turning is helping and driving speeds, sometimes if you turn it hard to the right it will be way stiff and not want to turn, then all of a sudden it will go, like maybe there was a plug in the line or something, I doubt that though, anyway does any one have any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Dana W

    Dana W Rockstar 3 Years 500 Posts

    There is at least one speed/position sensor on the steering column that could be going bad. The Suburbans come with speed sensitive power steering and the sensor on the column is the first place I would look for a truck as new as 2004. The sensor seems to go bad when reacting to slow speed manuvers first. Also, the power steering system might just need bleeding and/or refilling. Seriously dirty fluid can cause stuff like this too.

    I would start with the cheap way first and have the system flushed and refilled. In the mean time be carefull. Sudden changes in the steering effort can be dangerous.
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  3. TMair

    TMair Member

    Hello Dana
    Thank you for the information I will flush the fluid and see if that helps, then go from there.
    Thanks again
  4. TMair

    TMair Member

    Today my wife told me that she had herd on the local radio news station that there was a recall on some suburbans do to power steering problems, just wondering if anyone had herd anything about this, and if it might apply to my problem?
    Thanks again
  5. Naptime

    Naptime Rockstar 100 Posts

    You can call the local dealer and give him your VIN he can tell you what recalls if any apply.
  6. ahm1127

    ahm1127 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I have 05 Suburban & it was steering right fine but very tight to the left unless rolling like no power steering. We flushed pump a few times & it didnt help, we replaced steering box & back to normal. Wasnt hard to change.
    Good luck
  7. Blazer454

    Blazer454 Member

    when the problem is happening do you hear the power steering pump get loud like it is struggling? Like ahm said it could be the gearbox valving is failing or restricted
  8. TMair

    TMair Member

    No it sounds normal, just hard to steer to the right, and only at slow speeds like turning into a parking space, from what I have read I am thinking it is the steering gear, I can get one from Autozone for $200.00 with a core.
    Thanks again for all of the replies.
  9. TMair

    TMair Member

    Ok I replaced the steering gear, solved the problem with turning.
    I have another question now, when the truck is running and going down the road I hear a sound that sounds like light whining that sounds like the power steering pump, the pump is full, and when I am stopped it does not make that sound just wile driving down the road, when stopped I can steer it left and right, like I said no whining sound, just driving down the road, even going straight, it also used the power steering pump for brake boosting.
    Is this just the way they sound, or does any one have any ideas what this could be?
  10. Mingo

    Mingo New Member

    Well i had the the exact same problem with my 2004 Tahoe but thanks to all your replies to this posting I figured out that it was the gearbox but even though I did the gearbox I still change but even though I did the gearbox I still change the power steering pump just in case so yes now without the vehicle in motion does turn left and right just right.,:D:D:D

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