2004 Intermittent No Crk No Strt - Now persistent. Help?

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    I MAY just have a "Key clocking" issue at the insertion procedure for the ignition switch. as the radio dont stay on at all anymore when I turn it off with doors still shut... So thats more confirmation I still have something out of whack. Something minor is all...

    I also am start to believe that there ARE TWO SPRING ACTIONS at the piont of the IGNITION MECHANISM. The spring load built into the SWITCH, and possibly another built into the column or switch housing. I'm not pulling the cylinder again to check tonight. The reason I say this is because I pulled the switch down out of there a couple of times and the spring load does not necc seem to correlate to the ing switch GEAR position...?!?!? But the clocking does not seem to be as STATIC in CONCEPT as I would have thought...
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    WHILE I'M on a TANGENT (THANKS to the ABOVE GMAC DEALER SWINE THAT CHIMED IN THE OTHER NIGHT)... @Jayhawke 's (Dealer Boy's) CLEARLY INTOXICATED ATTEMPT TO DILUTE THE POWER OF THIS THREAD.... I Just thought I would expound on my recent Key Fob replacement experience.

    I WAS WILLING to give the local dealer the 50 BUCKS they USED to... USED TO... CHARGE for (1) Fob... BUT HEY. It turns out the money grubbing crooks have decided that even the lightest of users FOBs are now dying, so they upped the price to 80 bucks...! GO FIGURE...

    Now, What really pissed me off is that I called the other competition in town and they had the damn nerve to be EVEN 5 Bucks higher and quote me an $80 reprogramming fee on the phone. (I even hinted I was shopping). Can ya believe it...!!!

    So I bought TWO (2) pack of fobs from an amazon dealer for about 28bucks shipped - FOR BOTH... And then went out and programmed 1, 2, 3, and DONE.... Sorry thieves in this world. Hell at least at the dealer I used to use, they would walk out with you and quickly sync your fOB for FREE once you gave em 50bucks...!!! Never even heard of a "programming charge' till I called the REAL CROOKED BASTERD around town...! TALK ABOUT DUMB_ASS SORRY MONEY GRUBBING LOOSER BUSINESS TACTICS. If that don't show you how much damn money they been making and JUST CANT GET OFF THE FREE TEET>...!:eek::mad:

    Oh.. And HEY.. I even got a cool BLUE COLOR and will also be ordering a pack of TWO PINK ONES for the wife. And then we wont even have to pick up the wrong keys to figure it our anymore....

    OH...! HEY...!!! DID I MENTION that IF I would hace spent 28 more $$$ from ALL THAT (4 FOBS)... I could have got just one dealer fob. Maybe $110.00 it I was IGNORANT enough to go to that other dealer and pay "PROGRAMMING"... LOL... Did I mention they appear OEM Quality. And work GREAT...!!! Anyone want a PIC and the place I got em..? You REALLY have to wonder if the same people don't own both dealerships just playing a loaded $hell game...!?!?!

    Sweet Jesus...

    More to come on tahoe I am still putting it back together SLOWLY to test...:);)o_O
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    Love this thread!
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    First I have not done a thing to put it back together. the B+ wire is still just straight from Batt to Ign Switch..

    Second, The issues I was having with Dome light not coming on at door open; And the radio not staying on with Ign OFF & KEY OUT and doors still shut has gone away at this time. I now turn the key that final rotation to OFF while still sitting in the car and everything shuts down other than a few dash light and the radio LIKE ITS SUPPOSED TO BE....

    Its like its reprogramming itself day by day..??? Nothing else I can say to explain it...

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  5. silverado002

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    Interesting. Hard to explain this other than a lot of wiring was disturbed during the troubleshooting of that B+ issue.

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