2004 Sierra-Blank/dead Radio, no sound or chimes but rear DVD works

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Schooly, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Schooly

    Schooly New Member

    Hi, new member here looking for a solution to a strange problem. I have a 2004 GMC Sierra SLT Duramax Crew Cab with the rear seat entertainment package (Ceiling mounted DVD and center console radio controls), all stock, nothing aftermarket. The other day the head unit and rear center console radio controls stopped working - blank display, no sound from any speaker, no "on-star ready" greeting and no door chimes. The DVD player however, still works except that sound will only come through the headphones. One interesting part is that I can hear what appears to be a faint humming/fan sound coming from the small speaker on the celiling above above my head on the driver's side - I guess it's the on-star speaker...

    I checked the interior and engine compartment fuse blocks and no fuses are blown. I figure it's a shorted wire somewhere, but it's puzzling since the DVD still works. I'm guessing the DVD gets its power before the HU and the HU powers the rear radio. So I'm thinking I have to look for shorted wires from the engine bay fuse block all the way to the HU. I'm reasonably mechanically inclined and can probably do the work myself if not too involved, and I just need some idea as to what wires to look for (color, etc.), where they are routed in through the engine compartment, and possible wire pinch/kink points where a short could occur.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. zigger215

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    Ignore the faint humming, its common, my LT does it even with the onstar completely disabled.

    Your issue sounds like a failed headunit or bad amplifier, your amplifier can be found in the center console.
  3. Schooly

    Schooly New Member

    Thanks for the input zigger, turns out it was a failed HU. I ordered a Pioneer 3400 HU from Crutchfield after they insisted that with the additional harness, all stock functions would work (SWC, RSE, chimes, etc.). The HU works, but so far, the SWC's work only marginally, it looks like I'll have to tinker with customizing the buttons, since the seek and source controls don't seem to be mapping themselves properly to the steering wheel. \

    The other bugaboo is that i can't get the RSE DVD to play through the speakers. Only the headphones will play sound from the rear DVD. The Crutchfield tec had me splice the factory harness grn/wht, brn/wht, and blk/wht wires with with a red & white coaxial cable to see if sound would come through. No dice. I'm pretty disappointed that I was told the additional harness would reconnect all factory items and now it won't. Anyone have a problem like this?

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