2004 Sierra Front hub replacement

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by KD9RG, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. KD9RG

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    I am getting a rumble/ roar out of my left tire/hub when I turn right. No noise at all when I turn left. CV boot is fine. I believe this is the bearing assembly/hub. Does anyone know if replacing the hub assembley requires any special tools? I'm guessing a large socket is needed to loosen the axle nut and then possibly a puller to get the hub off the axle/cv assembly?? Thanks Mike/KD9RG
  2. TrailLeadr

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    It will be pretty much the same operation as removing the cv shaft, so you shouldn't require any other tools other than maybe a 30-35mm socket..

    If your bearing is going, you should hear a slight moan or grumble as you travel in a straight line, and as you turn and put weight on the suspect bearing the moan/grumble should get louder. Vise-Versa it will get quieter when you take the weight off of it by turning in the opposite direction.
  3. KD9RG

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    Thanks for the reply. You nailed the sounds and symptoms perfectly. Looks like this weekend I'm replacing a hub. Sounds like from the guys I have talked to that the hard part is getting the 3 bolts loose that hold the hub on and then popping the hub off the shaft. I'm being told that getting an impact wrench on them is not really possible, as far as popping the hub off the shaft I think I can loosen the bolts and give them a wack with a hammer to help get the shaft out of the hub. Thanks again. Mike/KD9RG
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    yeah the bolts on the back are a pain in the butt to take out just take your time and dont strip em out ( use a 6 point socket ) and you might need a 3lb sledge to tap the old one loose enought to pull out by hand and make shure you reinstall your dust shield the same way it came off

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