2004 silverado front end vibration

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by hutch_pt, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. hutch_pt

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    OK, I am trying to chase a vibration coming from the front driver's side suspension/drivetrain. It is cyclical in nature, with it being worse around 40-45 mph. I have changed the front axle seals and the axle bearings. The vibration still persists. I have looked at the CV axle, and it appears ok. There is no "clicking," as I have heard that the CV joint will "click" with rotation. The rotors do not appear to be warped (no pulsation in braking). My thought is that it is likely the wheel hub bearing. I just bought the CV axle and the wheel hub bearing, and will use which is needed and return the other. What I am hoping to see is if anyone else has had the vibration issue, and if you have any insight on what we are missing here...

    Thanks in advance guys...
  2. 04sierracrewcab

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    This may be a stuipd question but are the wheels balanced?:neutral:
  3. JMoney02

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    04's right, did you swap rotate the tires from rear to front and see if it still persists? Hit a curb or something? Were you off roading with the truck and hit something, Just Checking with the obvious?
    How are the torsion bar bushings? Anything with the lift kit?

  4. hutch_pt

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    Yes, the tires have been balanced (twice), and they have been rotated. Bushings, and everything appear ok. Gut feeling is that it is something rotating, as it increases with speed.

    Thanks for the ideas guys.
  5. hutch_pt

    hutch_pt Rockstar 100 Posts

    That and the "drag" felt on the wheel when spun by hand...
  6. mrfixdit

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    front end vibration

    Along with the tire balancing did you have the symmetry checked (Are the tires truly round? Are the treads true and don't waiver back and forth as they rotate?) Are the shocks OK? Does the vibration change when driving a long curve (left or right) at these speeds ? Is the brake caliper releasing well?
    A few years ago I was chasing a vibration that seemed like it was comming from the front passenger side. I spent days trying to find it. It seemed to happen at about 40-45mph. I noticed it only happened when the torque converter locked out. Then after all this time the check engine light started to come on. I had a p0300 code and soon found out it was the intake gasket, so what felt like a vibration turned out to be a misfire which I guess wasn't bad enough at first to trigger a code.
  7. hutch_pt

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    So I tore the front end apart, and it did end up being the wheel bearing/hub assembly. I was amazed at the amount of drag present before replacing the bearing. I actually lost 1.5 mpg fuel efficiency, and had issues with my ability to "coast" when up to speed. I guess that it came on so gradually, that I didn't really notice it until the vibration came on.

    Anyways, the bearing was shot, so it has been replaced. I am back to my 17mpg efficiency, and no vibration. WooHoo!!
  8. dhead

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    02 silverado 4x4 virbration

    I have an 02 silverado, 98k miles, I just added a 3 inch (more like 2) torsion bar/key leveling kit to the front end. I just bought this truck in the summer and today, we had our first snow and I noticed a substantial vibration felt throughout the cab while in 4wheel drive (doesn't happen in 2 wheel) at about 30 mph. Any ideas? i'm thinking alignment but am not positive. Thanks
  9. chevychevy123456

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    I have a 97 Silverado. Did the exact same thing to it and the exact same thing happened. Had to change a pitman arm and got it aligned. Never hapened again.

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