2004 Silverado running rough idle/stalling out

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  1. Hello my 04 Silverado 4.3 v6 has been running rough on from time to time and is getting worse everytime I drive it, it started about a month ago. I was driving doing about 65 on the hwy and it bogged down, it kinda felt like the tranny was messing up or the engine was running outta gas! It did this twice within about 15 seconds or so, then about 30 sec later the engine light started flashing a few times and then stayed on, I stopped at the first autozone i saw to read the code. It said the temp was reading below thermostat level, I changed out the thermostat the light went off, I did a tune up inc... new fuel filter, spark plugs and air filter thinking it has not been well maintained, the problem only got worse, then it ran fine for about two weeks, after I cleaned out the throttle body and mass air flow sensor! It started doing the same acting up again which consisted of bogging down and compleatly dying when I was driving and or coming to a stop, it will start back up, but is getting worse on starting up after it dies.... I checked the fuel pressure yesterday and nothing, it maintains pressure even when I am driving and when the truck dies....I am lost.... I know nothing about mechanics of vehicles and nor do I claim to... I do not want to just start throwing money at this and being that the engine light is not coming on I am at a loss for leads....Can someone please help....thanks Ryan

    Also, I have a few mechanic friends who own shops, but I have not taken ti to them yet, but one says it sounds like the mass air flow sensor and one says fuel pump... I have a used mass air flow sensor that is still good I am going to try on the truck today... but do not have it in hand yet to try...

    I also googled this problem and it sounds like a lot of people have this same issue, and they just start thorowing money and parts at it trying to diagnois the problem that way... I am not going to do that...

    jus thought a forum might be a good way to go befor I take it to the shop this week!:neutral:
  2. Anyone know anything? Tried the new mass air flow sensor, still ran like sh!*, maybe even worse, who knows maybe it was bad too or maybe that is not even the problem? will a bad mass air flow sensor throw a check engine code? some say yes some say no? Anyone on here Know the answer?
  3. Peckens

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    dirty fuel injectors, fuel filter, air in your fuel line?
  4. Not sure, I guess I am just having it towed to the shop tomorrow, Ill let them figure it out!
  5. Found the problem!

    A small wire was broken off at the distributor pig tail inside the cap, causing it to have spark when touching and not when it was off! Nice, good thing it was not anything too expensive, took shop about five hours to find problem, only cost 180, so not bad! thanks for the help!
  6. Jmart544

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    Mine was the ignition coil connector. Try wiggling the wires at the connector and if it stalls problem solved. If it won't start try the same thing wiggle then try to start. You can pick up a new connector at any parts chain for around $35. Splice it in and your all set.

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