2004 Silverado1500 4.8L LR4 (Affordaable Power WANTED!)

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by cmparris, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. cmparris

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    HELP! I think it's time for a little more useable power... I know a lot of people will tell me to swap for more displacement but, I'm on a working man's budget... with a wife... a young'un, and a dog... I am looking to gain about 30 hp and 50 lb/ft, putting me at roughly 320hp and 350 lb/ft. Idealy I want the power gains to be in the the top end (ie. intake/heads). Oh, I will be towing light trailers (up to pop-up campers/vehicles). My questions to all of you are:

    A. Is the stock intake resrictive enough to warrant a cold air, or other performance intake? And, what kind of gains are you seeing (not what the manufacturer says)
    B. LS Swappable PARTS!? Will LS heads from a car (corvette, camaro/firebird) swap to my LR4? What kind of modifications (thicker headgaskets, redoing valve geometry) can i expect? And of course... Power gains?!

    I think it goes without saying that I will be driving this truck a little less than a daily driver and I do not feel the desire to have to run 100 octane...

    Any other advice/direction will be considered!

    Thank you guys!
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  2. buckmeister2

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    I see you did not get any replies. You are not going to get any realworld gain out of a CAI, as your truck already has one, and it is not restrictive at RPM's you will ever e using. Ditto for any "performance" intake spacer. A good cat-back exhaust might yield a few ponies, but not much. Best bang for buck is probably a custom tune by someone like Black Bear, or getting your own tuner and putting in a tune. Give Black Bear a call and tell them what you are looking for, and see what they can do. Also, don't forget that if you increase your average MPG from 15 to 16, it will offset the additional cost of premium fuel. So, you will not be spending more, and will still have more power when needed.
  3. 00chevy53

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    like buckmeister2 said a custom tune will be the best bang for your buck. I had my truck tuned in Jacksonville Florida and go about 50hp increase other than the tune i installed an intake shorty headers and an under drive kit (not worth buying under drive kit) so 30hp should be easily obtainable. good luck.

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