2004 Suburban AC starts Blowing hot air out driver vents

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  1. Bob marchiwitz

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    Forget taking it to the dealer or the reprogramming garbage. Pull the servo. It was under the cover below the passenger dash on my 2005 suburban. There are two of them. You want the one on the left closest to the hump. 5 screws and some alcohol later and my issue was resolved. Open the servo carefully. Take a pic of the gear position in case you drop it. Remove the main black gear only. Clean the contacts with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. Remove any excess grease. They packed so much grease in the servo that the contacts become fouled. I cleaned mine and haven't had the Chevy lemon issue again. In fact, it blows ice cubes now. Chevy will sell you on all kinds of expensive parts and labor. Avoid the dealer at all cost and do it yourself.
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  2. Gary709

    Gary709 New Member

    How much alcohol does it require? I'm planning on a six pack for this repair myself.
  3. dipstick

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    Gitter done. With rep.
  4. OmegaViper

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    Tried the rest method, failed for my situation. I have a 2001 LT Burb. I was wondering if the servos are in the same locations? Do I need to worry about the pass airbag. I am no nub with a screwdriver, but I do not know how to correctly take off the cover. Thank you guys and I am itching to fix this problem.
  5. nolifelikelolife

    nolifelikelolife New Member

    The fuse thing worked for me, we'll see if it keeps blowing cold air.

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    The fuse thing worked for me, we'll see if it keeps blowing cold air.
  6. jmcover

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    ...Wife says my side of the car always blows hot air
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