2004 Tahoe LS without onstar-what's up with that?

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  1. vizsla1822

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    The wife totalled her 2004 Tahoe LT in a traffic accident and we bought a 2004 Tahoe LS as the replacement. The 2004 Tahoe LS doesn't have Onstar. There's no Onstar buttons on the inside rear view mirror and no Onstar antenna. We had Onstar on the Tahoe she totalled. Does anybody know why one vehicle would have Onstar and the other wouldn't besides the obvious of one being an LT and the other being an LS? Both vehicles have/had an in-service date of June 2004. Thanks.
  2. mjalstad

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    Probably because Onstar is an option. This is kind of like asking "why does my truck have power windows but my buddy's doesn't?"
  3. tbplus10

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    Yep, it's an option and wasnt included on all vehicles.
    Like most options the wire harness is more than likely installed and with a few key parts added you can have OnStar. OnStar can be added to a new vehicle at the dealership upon purchase of the vehicle.
    I dont know for sure but I'd guess the programming would have to be done at a GM dealership, you could probably buy the missing pieces and add them yourself then let the dealership finish the install' might save a few dollars that way.

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