2004 Tahoe Oil Leak with PICTURES.

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  1. deerslayer3503

    deerslayer3503 New Member

    I have a leak i cant seem to figure out. The leak seems to come from high on the engine above the oil filter. It does not leak much oil, and wont leak when im laying under it with it running. I have never had a leak in this truck bbefore so its driving me crazy.

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  2. Pikey

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    Welcome To GMTC!! I see two possible issues. first, in the last few pics it looks like the back right corner of head has oil on it. The only thing above the head that would leak is the valve cover. Great pics by the way. Second, you have a fram filter on it. :lol: I would not put one of those on my lawn mower.
  3. deerslayer3503

    deerslayer3503 New Member

    Thanks for the info, I was hoping to hear something kinda simple like that, ill be looking up instructions next on how to do that valve cover gasket change. I am just glad to hear that its not the rear main, i did not feel like dropping a transmission. Yea i agree with you on the fram i just got lazy and bought it st walmart at the same time i bought my mobil 1 extended protection

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