2004 Trailblazer Instrument Cluster

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    About a month ago I posted on here about the instrument cluster going crazy in my 2004 Trailblazer. You guys informed me of the problem, the stepper motors and I agree. After contacting the dealer they would not give me a price without seeing the vehicle. they said they need to see the part number. If they have the vin# and know the year, shouldn't they know which cluster I need? They also told me that if they replace it that they use re-manufactured clusters. For the price I should be receiving a brand new one. they said the cluster is anywhere from $350.00 and up and the labor is $150.00 to $175.00. What a ripoff. I went on line and found alot of companies that will rebuild mine and say its not hard to take the old one out but according to the dealer they said when they replace it they have to reset the computer and the odometer. I can't do that so how can I replace it if I wanted to save on the labor? I have to do this soon since the first time I posted about this it was only the tach. Now the speedometer screws up too and the temperature guage. I'm just waiting for the gas guage to screw up too so I don't know how much gas I have. Sorry to say but I'm really dissappointed with this truck and GM period!
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