2004 Yukon Alternator / Serpentine Belt Question

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    Earlier today, I went to the autoparts store to pick-up a new water pump, serpentine belt, hoses etc for my 2004 Yukon XL 1500 and was asked the size of of my alternator (in AMPS) for selecting the correct belt (which I did not know), so can anyone advise on how to tell the differences between the alternators (105 AMPS vs 140 AMPS) and/or advise of the differences it would make to the serpentine belt I should select, obviously I would like to get a new correct belt since I will need to remove it for the Water Pump replacement. Appreciate any advice. Thanks
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    Welcome to GMTC,

    Check your glove box for these codes.
    8A7, KG8 - 130 amp
    8A3, KW2 - 124 amp
    8A5, 8C0, K98, KG9 - 140 amp
    8C6, KG3 - 145 amp
    8C7, KG4, KG5 - 150 amp
    8W5, 8X5, K61, K62, K65 - 105 amp
    8Z3, 8Z4, K60 - 100 amp
    K09 - 120 amp
    K63 - 110 amp
    KG7 - 125 amp
    KW1 - 160 amp
    KW3 - 135 amp
    KW7 - 170 amp
    KW9 - 190 amp
    KYU - 200 amp

    I don't know if it matters on the 2004, but on my 2005 there were to styles (a Bosch and a Delco/Delphi) They are not interchangeable.

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